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The IP Management System


IP Management system for docketing deadlines, automatic reminders, client status tracking and much more.

We provide AalbunIP to patent and trade mark attorneys,  IP Firms, Law Firms, Universities, companies’ in-house IP functions, innovation consultants as a free hosted service. The free access includes access for all of your people. You can enter more or less unlimited number of cases in the system. The service is a self service interface to the IP management system enabling you to be on top of the case administration.

If you need to top up the service with docketing or Aalbun member services we are happy to offer those to you as well.

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AalbunIP free option is a way to start. Easy access anytime from anywhere. Cost per month Zero.


Do you need help with docketing the cases? Then go for AalbunIP with Docketing option. Contact us for the pricing.


AalbunIP for Aalbun Members only has it all. In addition to AalbunIP Managment you get also docketing and exclusive member services.

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