Management System

AalbunIP is a case management system optimized for your needs. To start the journey apply to be a user.

AalbunIP management system login screen

With the system, you can easily manage all the IP needs of your company and customers’ IP portfolios. The system provides you with an intuitive dashboard so that you can be in control of cases wherever you are, whenever you want.

The system comprises the following features:

  • Managing IP families and related documents and communications for patents, trade marks, designs and more
  • Managing deadlines and setting up reminders to keep you informed automatically of upcoming events requiring your attention
  • Providing you with tools to manage your client contacts

The system is secure:

  • AalbunIP is accessed via secure HTTPS interface
  • Security levels can be set based on the roles of the users
  • Data expert features allowing easy access to IP portfolios

The system is proven and provides you with peace of mind:

  • We are managing thousands of cases with this system
  • System logs all entries to enable tracking for all due care purposes